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    Holiday rates?

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      Hello members,


      What seems to be the best formula to determine "Holiday Rates?  There dosen't seem to be any pattern as to what others charge, I'd be interested to hear wehat other memmbers do????




      Marty & Jnet

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          Satchmo, I think it depends on several things.


          First, I think you need to define what " Holiday" means where your VR is located. ( In Europe Holiday can mean 'vacation". In the US it normally means a nationally celebrated holiday- Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, etc.


          Our VR has a High Season rate ( March 1- September) and a Low Season rate (October - February).  This is typical in our VR's area.


          Our policy and ads  stipulate that all holiday and special events periods are charged at High Season rates, (since there is more demand during those times).


          I used to have High , Low and Shoulder season rates - some still do in our area- but found it was more trouble than it was worth.

          Hope this helps.Debj