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    VRBO?  You have got to be kidding me.

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      Really,  you have got to be kidding me.  I am purchasing a property for rental and I am considering VRBO as my advertising site.  I went to www.vrbo.com and saw the "communities" link.  I went through the link and started to read some very good information about how to market my VR.  Then I went a little further and found all of you (other VRBO list'ers) ******** about VRBO, people from the UK, how to discriminate properly (which I don't disagree with) to protect your property, The list goes on.  Why are these discussions available to the public without a VRBO login?  I am seriously looking at other sites that will protect such discussions.  The last straw was how easy it was to register and post this comment.

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          It's called Free Speech.

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              Virtual, Youre right to be doing your reseach if you are new to the Vacation Renting process. In defense of VRBO/Homeaway I must say that these forums are one of their best features.


              They (forums) allow anyone looking to advertise with them a window into the various experiences Owners are dealing with.


              They aslo provide information to a Traveler, or investor looking to participate in the HA experience.


              Owning & operating a VR is not for the faint of heart.  There can be many pitfalls & certainly there are many UNexpected situations that arise, even for the seasoned.


              It's hard to find an advertising company that offers full disclosure in this day and age. These forums offer you a taste of the probelms you may encounter.


              Best of luck to you.