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    Condo sold in November, had guests all cancel, VRBO sends me note saying that Damage Deposit about to be refunded?

    droptop Contributor

      Hi, all;


      Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in again . . .


      The subject line says it all; I have no idea why VRBO is sending me any information about a new owner's guests, apparently giving me the opportunity to refund their guest's Damage Deposit now, wait for it to occur automatically in a few days' time, or to make a damage claim.


      Called CS this morning, and they advised that 'because the listing was archived, they've uploaded it, so I have nothing to worry about.'  Gibberish, that; asked three times what it meant, and it still means nothing to me -- I know I have nothing to worry about.  But if I were the new owner, I'd be worried about VRBO communication with a former owner apparently giving them control over my apartment and guests.


      I just think it odd that even when you sell your place, get all your VRBO guests to cancel, refund 100% of their fees through VRBO, and the new owner buys their own listing on VRBO, VRBO sends the former owner an email allowing them control over a property they no longer own.


      And with that, I happily return to my post-vacation-rental owner state of bliss and relaxation:)