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    Vrbo booking/payment notices to guests lists wrong payee name - FYI only

    scowol Active Contributor

      I had a guest ask me when their down payment would be charged to their credit card.  I was perplexed because I had since received the payment in my account.  I told them to look for $X amount and they located it.  They gave me feedback that the booking confirmation email from Vrbo (see booking email, below) advising that the payment would appear as "PAY*HOMEAWAY* was incorrect.  They said their statement says 'VRBO" and nothing else.


      Perhaps this likely due to the transition from Yapstone and part of that mess.   Not a major deal, and I'm surprised that my guest didn't connect the two.  But it's just sloppy to state an incorrect fact.  And FYI if you are mentioning this in your own emails.



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