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    Just received a notice from HA - the they will be collect and remitting the hotel transitory occupancy taxes

    hmmmm Senior Contributor

      I have 7 rentals and have licenses for them with the for the hotel taxes.  AKA TOT


      So, how will our city know which property that each one is remitted for with out those #s?

      And how can I prove if audited that they were paid.

      I don't mind them doing the work, but with issues with the payment patforms, I am a bit uncomfortable that it will correct.

      I do have a relationship with the TOT office of our city, in that I occasionally will call them for a question.


      I will most definitely be calling them on Monday.


      A couple of years ago, our city started auditing any property that was listed with Airbnb for the reason of checking remittance by them.