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    At what point do new listings get moved to Early Payout?

    sandersbeach New Member

      We have over 50 properties that have Early Payout, but our newest 7 homes have been placed on check-in payout.  This has resulted in over $60,000 being held by VRBO payments.  Some of this money will not be deposited until August 2020.  We also have a no refund policy on cancellations in side of 60 days.  I have called all of the numbers i can to find out more information.  All of our listings that were with Yapstone on the Advanced Payment system have been converted to Early Payout (which is still held about 10 days).  As a Premiere Partner and a property management company with over 60 listings, you would think that they might look at the company as a whole, and not each individual listing.  However, we have been told it could take up to 6 months to "review" each listing to review the "risk".

      Has anyone had any luck in getting additional homes added to Early Payout after the initial adding when they swap us all to VRBO payments?