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    Filters in my area are not working. Moderator can you assist with this?

    panda Contributor

      I was doing research on my market and discovered that the filters are not working correctly.  If I select a certain filter then I am not able to select other filters that I know should be available because my personal listing and other listings offer the amenities for which I am trying to filter. Specifically has to do with Pool, Hot tub, and Gym but there are others filters/amenities that are being blocked/grayed out. I called the Premier line and was passed around a few times then an hour later was given a CASE NUMBER #25092085. They told me this was something they "had never seen, ever" and it was going to Production Department.  I have invested in order to provide these amenities and would appreciate a fast fix. If you can help that would be great.

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          ha-moderator-amanda HomeAway Employee

          Hi panda, I can confirm that your case is with the Production Team and I will request to have it tagged for priority.

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            panda Contributor

            Thanks to Amanda, I received a response from the Production Department regarding this issue. Their explanation includes A/B testing and will not allow "travelers" to drill down to the exact amenities they want if there will be less than 3 listing that would show up after said traveler selects the amenity they want.  Their response is as follows......


            "Thank you for contacting HomeAway Customer Support. I apologize for the issue with the pool and hot tub choices being grayed out under the amenity choices. This is part of an A/B test and is working as designed. Anytime there are less than three listings that would show up after applying a filter, that filter is grayed out. This is to allow the travelers to always have several property choices within each search. I have included information below regarding how to provide feedback about the website, and a link on how our testing programs work. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

            We want to hear from you. Our product managers regularly review customer feedback. Many of the improvements to our products are made as a result of input from our users. While we do our best to act quickly, some recommendations can take time to implement."

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              ohst8er Premier Contributor

              This isn't anything new.  It's been like that ever since they've had filters in place.


              If you want to make sure your property shows up when your filters are selected you click them as a traveler, and then look for your property.  If it's there, great, if not, there's something not clicked on your (owner's) end.  BUT.. eventually you will run out of filters you can select on the traveler's side, for the very explanation given by CS above.  So if you still want to test out those greyed out filters, you have to unclick a few that you recently clicked. 


              Or, you just have such a small search area that, like CS said, they grey them out to still allow options for the traveler to choose from. 


              In my area of 8k+ listings, i have to click pretty much all of them before I run out of options to click (greyed out). 


              I would advise EVERYONE to search their listing by these filter options, and make sure they pop up.    I learned a few oddball things in my search... I have a screen porch.  There is no search option for screen porch, not on the traveler side, not on the owner's side. So even though I have this great outdoor space, if someone is looking for great outdoor space and clicks balcony or deck, I don't show up.    So I clicked balcony, deck, etc, on my owner's side to make sure I'm not left out if someone searches, and put info about having a screen porch in the comments.  But did you know that if a traveler clicks balcony, and also clicks deck (because they don't really care and would be happy with either) the only listings that show up are the ones that have BOTH balcony and deck clicked on the owner's side?   , My point is, keep an eye out for these things.  My latest call to CS will be about that button for Carbon Monoxide detector.  I don't have them. There is no gas source within 2 miles of where I am.