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    How to provide a partial refund to a guest that is cancelling due to emergency?

    jeanne38654 Contributor

      Reservation is for Feb 1 - March 1. I do not have to provide any refund.


      However, since it's an emergency (her companion suffered an aortic rupture and is in the hospital and about to undergo open heart surgery), I thought for good will I would refund half.


      However, that isn't an option? When I review the cancellation request, my screen says:


      "Traveler is not eligible for a refund.

      I want to override and refund 100%" (That part is a link that I can click if I want)



      But that's it. No other choice.


      And...I don't wan't to "override and refund 100%."


      I want to refund half.


      What do I do?