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    Re: Payment Migration Guide issue

    psphoto Active Contributor

      Today I received an email from Vrbo saying I needed to complete the "Payment Options" section of the Vrbo website in order to get paid in the early payout program.

      Why I received this, I don't know, since I completed the form when it was first offered months ago. Doesn't Vrbo keep track of who completed the form and who didn't?

      Why is this email going out to those who have completed the form fully?

      There's also a problem even reviewing the info I have provided.

      When I click on "Edit Information" in the Deposit Account Information section to double check the numbers, there's no way to see what's been entered previously. I can only add a new bank account...NOT view my existing account name or any reference number, except for the last 4 digits of the account number on the previous page.


      Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 8.29.01 AM.png

      When I click on "Choose an account", I get a dialog window that has 2 choices:

      1. Choose an account

      2. Add new account

      There's no choice to choose my existing account to view or modify!

      Please advise.....



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          feibus Senior Contributor

          if it's showing you the last 4 digits, that's the secure way to tell you which account they have.


          If you're having trouble with the page, contact CS during business hours and see if they can help.  They have the same interface to your account that you do, so they can see what you're seeing.