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    Anyone had any issues with the wrong amount debited from VRBO?Not Yapstone.

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      I originally had two separate checking accounts for  EACH property that I used solely for VRBO/Yapstone and then I would move my money into my business savings/checking. Honestly, it was a big pain because it was more work I had to do and I always needed to keep some funds in it to avoid monthly fees. I never had any issues with Yapstone debiting my account in over 6 years, yes twice they failed to pay me in a timely manner and VRBO had to get involved. But having two accounts for one property actually was confusing at times and that is why I failed to discover the two payments that were delayed. So my question is, has ANYONE ever had any issues with the wrong debit amount? I only have had one person in 6 years do a chargeback and that person lost because she broke the contract and cancelled.