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    Do you have streaming TV service (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon) in your VR?

    lalinda Contributor

      A recent guest told me that renters these days expect to have access to streaming services such as Netflix and Youtube on TVs. We have cable, but not streaming content. It seems like a logistical issue (something else for people to be confused about), plus to be honest, I'm a bit concerned with people viewing... inappropriate content that would be visible to the next guest. Or the next guest's children. 


      Do you have streaming service? How do you handle the logistics? What service to you provide (Netflix etc)? Do you have guests use an account provided by you or do you have them sign into their own accounts? If people use their own accounts, say they log into their Amazon Prime account, but then forget to log out, what happens when that account is available for the next guest to access?

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          scowol Active Contributor
          • If you have Wi-Fi Internet that has at least 3 Mbps, your guests can stream from their own devices.
          • If your TV is a "smart TV" it typically has those apps built in.
          • If you don't have a Smart TV,  there are lots of options.   You can buy a relatively inexpensive Smart DVD player ($49 at Costco) that is Wi-Fi enabled that has all the suite of apps (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc.).  Or for even cheaper, you can get Roku, Chromecast, etc.  Or you can go fancy and get an Apple TV, or other high-end streaming device that plug into your TV set that offer these (and dozens of other) streaming services.


          • My guests expect this amenity now, so I have it (note if you have a cabin in the woods or other remote VR, then surely this statement does not apply)
          • I don't have a "house" account
          • Guests need to use their own accounts (most people who want to watch these "channels" are likely already subscribers at home.  I've never, ever had a guest ask me if we had a house account for guests, so there's zero reason to do so)
          • If a guest forgets to log out, the guest simply needs to log into their account (while at home or anywhere for that matter) and they can remotely log-out.  I can also remotely  "purge" any logged on users on my device in case a prior guest forgot to lot out.  So either way it's easy.
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            feibus Senior Contributor

            Seven years now, we don't get asked.  If the guest wants it, we have Wifi, a Roku or Fire stick is pretty cheap, the guest can bring that and we don't have to worry about accounts or anything like that.  We do provide cable so they can get a lot of TV channels.  No pay TV channels, though.


            We want our guests to get out of our home and go have fun.  Stop staring at the stupid TV and go to a theme park people!

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              wildiris Senior Contributor

              We have a smart TV at our rental and give guests access to our Netflix account on the TV.  It doesn't cost us anything extra to do this.  I would not give guests access to any streaming service that has extra charges for renting or purchasing programs such as Apple TV.

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                twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                I Do have a Netflix account for my guests on my smart tv. The reason for this is that I got rid of Dish and only have local channels through an antenna that sits on top of the tv. My Dish was getting out of hand price wise and Netflix is only $14.99 a month. I haven’t had any complaints about not having 100 channels of tv, most people want the locals to see the weather and local news and so Netflix and DVD player are just extra. Most are out playing tourist either in Branson, or Springfield anyway. Netflix is GREAT for the kids if they get bored and want to watch a movie or something.

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                  u0999 Premier Contributor

                  Ah, no. The arrogant guest who said that must not realize that unlimited high bandwidth streaming internet is not available in every corner of the USA. I have 3 cabins in the mountains (3 bd, 4 bd and 5 bd). They have from 4 to 8 TVs each. We have satellite internet (viasat), which , although it says "unlimited", it only gives 40G of priority data a month and speed only enough to stream on a mobile phone and that is a maybe. after 40G are exhausted,  viasat can throttle the speeds even more. Speed can also be affected by weather etc. So imagine 10-16 people per house, all with their phones and ipads, and also try to stream on TV? Not gonna hapen, no way, no how.

                  If streaming Netflix is so important to them they can do it on their own devise using their own provider's data. Our limitations are clearly disclosed in our prearrival emails and rental agreement.


                  We also have satellite TV with over 120 channels (DISH).

                  P.S. an yes, it is a logistical issue. People do not know how to operate a coffee pot for Pete's sake...a simple washer... and I do not want to be 24X7X365 on call support to resolve their log in and streaming issues.

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                      twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                      We have limited wifi in our personal home in Wyoming because we are out in the boonies and have to use Hughesnet. Not very good at all and we have to have dish there too because of the remote location.


                      I think as long as your listing and contract spell out what is available to the guest and they don’t bother to read it is on them. It shouldn’t be a complaint if they are the ones that drop the ball (yeah I know.....nobody reads and assumes whatever is in their mind as being accurate)

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                      ohst8er Premier Contributor

                      I've not ever had a guest ask for anything more than basic cable, which is what we provide.  It's a vacation for goodness sakes!  Our local breakfast/lunch cafe has a sign on the wall that says, "no we do not have internet, talk to each other!"


                      There, now that I've dug in my heels and harumphed a bit, no, DO NOT OFFER a streaming service.  There's no need to set up a netflix account for your guests.  If they have an account already, they don't want to access yours, they want theirs anyway.  And if they don't already have one, then why do they think they should use yours for free?


                      Now, I'm not the most tech savvy person on the planet, I leave that to my kids (I'm too old to keep up and too young to give up, is what I always say.)  We don't even have a smart tv in our home, and we don't have satellite in our home, we have cable.   My son had a friend over and they wanted to watch a movie, but nothing decent was cable.  So my 13 year old son plugged his laptop into the non-smart tv using the appropriate cable, logged into our netflix account, and was able to watch the netflix movie on the tv that way. 


                      Now, my daughter doesn't even WATCH tv, not ever.  If she wants to watch her favorite show, she watches it on her laptop.   If what you have to offer is not good enough, there are plenty of options for your guest to get what they need without you really having to do anything.  I wouldn't sweat it, personally. 

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                          margaret CommunityAmbassador

                          I agree, I have basic cable. I have never been asked for anything more over 10+ yrs with 2 properties. My husband and son both stream to watch whatever it is they are interested in at the moment by plugging the their laptop into the TV. Maybe guest do the same, maybe they are enjoying their vacation rather than watching TV. Even my snowbirds have never asked for more than the basic cable that is supplied.

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                            bonesxxx Active Contributor

                            LoL I am in the same (generational) boat.


                            I offer a TV and a DVD player with my epic selection of Sylvester Stallone and Morgan Freeman movie collection... and a shelf full of books.  I suggest to my guests that they enjoy the rain from the front porch but, if they get bored, the DVDs and books are available to them.


                            So far, no complaints (except from the porn shooters who wanted to play Candy Crush between takes... I dismissed their feedback).

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                              twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                              My account is not a separate service though it is shared between our personal home in Wyoming and my VR in Missouri. So, I don’t see the downside of making it available to guests. I would rather they use my Netflix than their own as then they have to reprogram my settings and I would rather they NOT do that making it more difficult for those that aren’t as tech savvy in changing the information. Mine is a matter of ease for the guests, but mostly for the wee ones who want to watch something while the adults are busy talking, cooking, etc....kids are also entertained. I provide a toy box for the same reason. I mean my guests are out during the day, but home in the evenings and mornings and it fills the gaps between the outings.