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    Military Discount?

    ncmountaintime Contributor

      Do you offer a military discount?  What percentage discount do you offer? 

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          ohst8er Premier Contributor

          Anytime someone asks I always give the same answer, ” we are happy to offer a 10% discount to all of our military guests.”  Since our tax rate is 11% it makes their stay almost completely “tax-free.”

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            green_mango Active Contributor

            I don't - guests have never asked either. 

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              margaret CommunityAmbassador

              I once had a guest ask about a military discount. It turned out that her nephew, who was NOT traveling with her, was in the military. She believed being related to someone in the military entitled her to a military discount. I don't usually offer discounts, I may consider a military discount if asked but only for the person in the service, their spouse and children.

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                planthealth Active Contributor

                My husband and I are both retired military as is my brother and father. We only give military discount in our off season, 10%.

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                  martyp Contributor

                  IF they ask, my response is that I really appreciate the 10% that Lowes gives to me and I will honor that same discount.  The guest paying must be the veteran.


                  I have only had one traveler request the discount and they never booked.

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                    bonesxxx Active Contributor

                    I don't.  Not that I disagree with offering something to our service members in principle at all.


                    My market is close to a naval base, the state capital, and the US capitol, FBI headquarters, etc... Virtually every guest would qualify for some sort of government discount if I offered one so I don't.  And that's just what I say... "due to the nature of my market and the number of active and retired military and government guests who book with me, I have factored all discounts into my standard rate".


                    So far, nobody has said boo about it.

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                        scowol Active Contributor

                        bonesxxx wrote:  "Due to the nature of my market and the number of active and retired military and government guests who book with me, I have factored all discounts into my standard rate".


                        This is an absolutely brilliant response!  Polite, but to the point and explanatory in a simple, single sentence.  I am going to shamelessly plagiarize this for my template!  Thank you for sharing!

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                        feibus Senior Contributor

                        I don't offer discounts.  I offer an exceptional value.  They can stay or look for somewhere cheaper if they like.  I don't want to have to determine whether someone is really in the military and too many people think lying is ok these days if they can get away with it.

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                          tnmountainmama Contributor

                          We get requests for military discounts constantly.  I am surprised to see that isn't common.  I just got one today and one two days ago.  I just reply that we are unable to offer any discounts.  I also frequently get police, fire, and even teacher discounts asked about. 

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                            panda Contributor

                            No military discounts during peak season; and my rates during off season are usually already discounted.

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                              twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

                              I have only had one request and I think that Idid provide a discount. He was stationed at one base and his wife at another and my home was in the middle and they were meeting for their anniversary.


                              I Have family in the Military and know that their pay is low, even with the other things that are paid for, so I think if I was asked again, I would need to know the details and make sure the person booking was the Veteran

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                                u0999 Premier Contributor

                                I do, but it is pointless to offer it on vrbo. The moment you apply the discount, vrbo will increase their fee. I do offer military discunt on my own website year round with military or veteran ID.