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    Giving Thanks - Why We Do This

    bonesxxx Active Contributor

      I thought I would share my most recent experience (coincidentally on Thanksgiving weekend) which was needed after all the doom & gloom around STRs here on the forum and in the news (and at my cabin).


      I went to my property today to welcome my favorite guests -- I had never met them in person before and they always used the lockbox previously.  They became some of my favorite guests just by being awesome: great communication, lovely notes in the guestbook, great reviews, return visits and always a lovely gift left behind -- and not candy or a bottle of wine but really nice, thoughtful gifts like blanket throws that matched my decor and such.


      In any case, today marked their fifth stay with me in just the last two years (I know, why don't they book direct?) and I made a point of being there to finally meet them in person.


      They were as wonderful in person as they had been virtually... lovely family of five all very anxious to make more memories over Thanksgiving at my cabin.  The wife even greeted me with a big hug.  I knew they were gift-givers so I was prepared (having left them notes, books, local farm-to-table snacks, champaign, etc in the past), I tried a little something different and purchased new holiday flannel sheets for the king bed just for them.  I thought it was a nice gesture and I am sure they appreciated it.


      What happened next floored me.  They handed me a holiday bag.  In it was a very nice bottle of expensive small batch bourbon which would have been more than enough... However, when I got home and looked deeper in the bag, there was more stuff... 6 frosted shot glasses, each with a unique image of my cabin and/or property etched into it with H'Owl at the Moon Farm stenciled below the image.


      Seriously, I am beyond touched.  My cabin is more than a business to me... I've poured my soul into creating it.  And this was one of (if not the) most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. 


      If every guest was like this, I'd pay to do this gig  


      Good timing, thought I'd share.  Happy Thanksgiving y'all!



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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          What a lovely, thoughtful gift! Happy Thanksgiving.

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            twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

            OKay, while I can’t compete with the wonderful gift you received....in the spirit of sharing amazing guests this thanksgiving season.


            A Past guest who has stayed many times, but usually over thanksgiving asked me a couple of weeks ago if I was staying in the home for the holiday, to which I affirmed, but told them that if I wasn’t here it would be all theirs for the holiday. To which he responded ”oh no, we aren’t  coming to that area this year and proceeded to tell me about their family and what they were doing”. So, while we stay in touch through e-mail and they have become friends too even though unmet I had no idea why they were asking about the house.


            Yesterday a delivery person showed up and delivered to huge boxes of goodies for us and I was thinking well, maybe it was a neighbor that we share Elk steaks with or maybe a family member, but. NO.....it was this guest sending me treats to enjoy with my family as a thank for all the wonderful times that they stayed in our VR.


            These are the types of guests that I adore and make this business the BEST of any type of “work” than anyone could do!!!


            Thank you Bones for starting the thread!!