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    Anyone else have mysterious discounts or fees added to your properties?

    barbiebeachandlake New Member

      Anyone else experience fees and discounts added to your property that you did not add?  65% discount was added to one of my properties that I luckily caught when reviewing an instant booking that seemed oddly low priced.  The customer service representative I first talked to said they had some problems in the past with this happening especially with the market maker new experimental rate setter.  I removed it and a few weeks later it came back!  The customer rep that I spoke with that time insisted I added the discount and must not remember doing so.  If I made those types of mistakes I would certainly not be capable of owning multiple vacation homes, but when dealing with VRBO reps it is customary for them to deny and lie no matter how ridiculous it is.  My reason for starting this discussion is to warn homeowners to review each booking's detailed payments.  Today there was an $80 fee added for additional guests.  This is a fee I never added to any of my properties ever.  This is also a booking that yapstone reversed a payment for no clear or defined reason - and VRBO could not reinstate the payment  - and the traveler and I had to spend time adjusting with an additional payment - which is incorrectly termed.  They need to include VRBO ERROR in the additional payment name selection drop down box. Yes, I am clearly frustrated with VRBO.