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    New trend - listing exclusivity.. predict a big flop.

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      Looks like the Big 2 (HA and Air) are testing waters trying to cajole some owners into listing exclusivity (i.e listing exclusively with one OTA). Air promises some perks with strings attached. IMO for majority non part time owners (not those who just rent a few weekends a year or rent shared accommodations) this is a BIG non starter.

      NONE of the OTAs are able to fill calendar by themselves (yes, there are exceptions, but they are just that- exceptions) especially in year-round markets. The high attached fees already killed low season bookings via OTA. Anyone can book high season and major holidays. It is when it comes to low/mid/shoulder seasons, then things take nosedive.


      Then, given the propensity of OTA to yank a rug from under owners with 3 second notice (or none at all), only a person with absolutely 0 business sense will put all their eggs in one OTAs basket and make themselves even MORE dependent on its whims, bugs, "features", increase in "take rates", algorithms, scores, rankings, searches etc.


      They say there is one born every minute. I ain't one. Hard pass.

      P.S. most I ever got from Air was 26% of bookings on one property. Usually fluctuates between 9-15% in average year per property.  HA hovers around 40%.