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    Ocean Grove Parking Proposal Would Destroy STRs in OG--Action Required

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      Please read the note below.  This parking proposal is being pushed during the off season.  Tell the township committee members a December meeting is unreasonable.  January would be much better.  And would provide more notice.


      As I said in the survey, "this proposal is like trying to swat a fly with a sledgehammer.  You're sure to destroy the house and might not kill the fly."  Here's the note from Jim and Carol:


      Apologies, try this link instead:



      Original eMail is as follows:


      It's Jim Brubaker and Carol Livingstone with an update regarding Vacation Rental Homes in Ocean Grove.

      As you may be aware there is a Better Parking Alliance in Ocean Grove that has been advocating for a Resident Only Overnight Parking Ordinance in Ocean Grove.  As currently conceived this Ordinance would impact the ability of Vacation Renters to park overnight in Ocean Grove.  Here are the outlines of their proposal:

      1) Overnight resident parking would be on both sides of the street.

      2) Every residential unit would receive one overnight parking pass at no cost. Residents could purchase additional passes for their own additional vehicles or for their overnight visitors/summer renters (keeping these rates as reasonable as possible).

      3) Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and other businesses would receive overnight parking passes to accommodate guests and workers.

      The details provided in the survey are sketchy; if you vote "No Change", you'll go to the end of the survey with only a comment field to express additional thoughts; if you vote "Yes, I want to change the parking" you are shown options about starting time (6, 8, or 10 pm), date (May 15 - Sept 15, May 31 - Sept 3, July 1 - Aug 31), and which part of town (north only, north & middle, or all)

      Carol and I took the survey.  We both voted to leave things the way they currently are.  In the open field, I questioned why their proposal treats guests at Vacation Rental Homes differently than it treats guests at Hotels & Bed & Breakfasts  Carol questioned why the proposal is going to the Neptune Township Committee in December when so many people are out of town instead of during the Summer when those most impacted would be more accessible and engaged.

      Please take the survey to vote and comment as you see fit and show up at the December 9th Neptune Township Committee meeting to express your opinions.




      Jim Brubaker

      Carol Livingstone

      Ocean Grove Alliance

      for Neighborhood Prosperity



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            Yesterday, I wrote to the Mayor of Neptune Township, of which Ocean Grove is a part, and asked if the workshop on the parking proposal could be moved to January in order to allow more homeowners to attend.  (With the workshop meeting scheduled on Dec 9, in the middle of our abbreviated holiday season, my concern is that few homeowners, and even fewer who are part-time residents, will be able to attend.)  Mayor Carol Rizzo wrote back to say they would not move the meeting but that written comments can be submitted.


            If you would like to leave a written comment that will be read during the meeting, you'll need to email Mayor Rizzo:  crizzo@neptunetownship.org.  Please also copy Vito Galdetta:  vgadaleta@neptunetownship.org

            If you decide to write, could you post a copy of your comments here so that others concerned about this issue--and not able to make the meeting--can see the thoughts of the community?

            For your reading pleasure, here is the crsp between me and the Mayor:

            Dear Mayor Rizzo,


            My name is Marybeth Robb and my family has owned a summer home in Ocean Grove since 2004.  I just learned a parking proposal is being presented to the Township Committee at the Dec 9 meeting. (And I just learned there was  a plan afoot at all on Sunday, Nov 24).   I’m writing to suggest this agenda item be postponed until at least January.  Here’s why:


            Parking is important in Ocean Grove.  I think we would want to include as many voices as possible at a meeting to discuss such an important issue.  Dec 9 is in the middle of the very short (and therefore, hectic) holiday season.  Even for full-time OG residents, getting out to a township committee meeting would be difficult this time of year, even if more notice had been given.  For those of us who are part-time residents, it will be nearly impossible to make the journey during the holiday season and on such short notice.


            I am all for discussing parking issues in Ocean Grove. And I applaud the small group that has been working on this issue recently.  It’s a tough issue.  And since even in tiny Ocean Grove, we have different parking problems depending on the neighborhood, we should have a plan that reflects those variances. As far as I can tell, the proposal is a one-size-fits-all plan.


            And since the creators of the plan consist of just a very few homeowners, I think it’s critical that more homeowners have a reasonable chance to have a look at the plan and have a say at the Township Committee meeting.


            How can I help get this meeting moved to a date that would be more convenient for more OG homeowners?  I look forward to your good advice.


            Marybeth Robb


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            Carol Rizzo

            Nov 26, 2019, 10:24 PM (5 hours ago)

            to Vito, me

            Ms Robb

            Thank you for writing. This has already been placed on our agenda for a workshop. 

            We realize that not everyone can attend but I am sure we will hear Pros and Cons from the residents during the last section of the meeting called Privilege of the floor.

            No decisions respecting parking in Ocean Grove will be made at that meeting.

            Irrespective, residents can voice their opinion at every meeting.

            Please let me know if you or anyone else you know would like to submit a written statement that we can read at the meeting.


            Thank you for sharing your concerns,


            Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!




            Carol Rizzo

            Mayor, Neptune Township