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    Here's what happened when I didn't sign up for the new payment system...

    mapleine New Member

      I'm letting my listings expire so I am not signing up for the new payment system.


      While my listings are live, my ability to respond to Inquiries has evidently been frozen unless/until I sign up for the new payment system, which I am not going to do. I would be happy to take bookings, and payments via Yapstone, until my listings expire. It is slow season so I don't expect a lot of bookings anyway, although I am getting bookings through Airbnb.


      Thus, I have an inquiry from a traveler, sitting in my Inbox, asking a general question which I cannot reply to.


      I called CS twice and asked them to respond to the traveler so she could be given an answer and they said they were not able to respond to the inquiry either.


      This is no surprise to me that VRBO would behave in this manner - it should come as no surprise to anyone as to why I'm letting my listings expire.


      Has anyone had a similar experience/workaround so we can demonstrate to VRBO what it looks like to behave decently?