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    Who checks in?

    kathyallen New Member

      I'm set up with HA for instant bookings. I have a booking for B.Williams who is not verified.  My house is for 4 Adults and 3 kids. Mr. Williams booked for 5 adults.  Since his booking was deposited. I sent a message advising that we only have 1 king bed and 1 queen beds and bunk beds. He advised the count had changed and it was 6 adults and 1 child. They were using an air mattress.  I didn't want to loose the booking so I offered a flat sheet to be put down under the air mattress.  Meanwhile,  I have no idea who is in my house. The "sister in law" showed up in a silver car, then a white PT cruiser and later a dodge caravan.  Then the PT cruiser left and has not been back? I have no idea if the renter is in the home at all. Meanwhile,  Direct TV movie rentals have occurred.

      I plan to charge the $10.00 per person per day fee over 5 and deduct from the deposit.  Should I also deduct the movie fees from the deposit? How do you verify who is staying and how do you deal with the TV fees?

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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          kathyallen  Edit your post to remove the name of your guest. It is against guidelines to post names on this forum. Your post will be removed by the moderators if you leave the guests name visible.


          I require a signed rental agreement along with a copy of a gov issued photo ID within 48 hrs of booking. My rental agreement requires all the information I need to feel comfortable with a booking. It is your responsibility to verify guests, I would not recommend depending on any website to do so. Since you chose to go forward with the booking after you were told there would be 6 adults and 1 child, why do you want to charge a fee? You can withhold for the movie fees from the DD. I would reach out to the guest and ask them to stop charging movies to the Direct TV account. Going forward, can you make the movie rentals password  protected to avoid this issue?

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            wildiris Active Contributor

            Did this guest sign a rental agreement?  What are the provisions in your rental agreement re: charging an extra fee per day for guests?


            From your post, I am guessing that you are fairly new to renting your home as a vacation rental.  I recently posted about what I consider to be the "best practices" for owners to follow when renting a vacation property.  If you're interested, you will find it in this thread -Premier, fraud and VRBO who turned their back on me.

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              bonesxxx Active Contributor

              Here is the thing: there is a huge difference between a couple and their children OR two couples and their children Or a couple and their children plus the grandparents AND three - four couples.


              In the former examples, the guests are paying (or splitting) your entire rental fee (which weeds out people who have no respect for your property to some extent).  Once you let 3-4 different parties split your rental fee, you wind up with each party paying less than they would to stay at a Super 8 and they will behave accordingly.  The limits you place on the number of adults has to MEAN something and, if you discount the value, be sure your guests will follow suit.


              Please see the link provided by wildiris above and be sure to use a legally binding rental agreement moving forward.

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                green_mango Active Contributor

                Did you tell the guest ahead of time what the per person extra charge was?  You can't retroactively assess that. 


                Moving forward - don't put yourself in a pickle like this due to being afraid to lose a booking.  This is your home - your rules.  Get ID and rental agreement with names of guests and establish the consequences for going over.


                I would definitely withhold the movie rental amounts from deposit. Hopefully they paid with a legit credit card.