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    georgygirl1955 Senior Contributor

      My Power Ups are not working. My dates are not showing the ability to Power Up

      This was reviewed and discussed with staff in detail at the Summitt. I met with Rates and with the PowerUp dept.

      It is now 2 plus weeks later and my Dates are still not open for me to use my Power-Ups.

      I have heard nothing and have had no follow through.

      Can I please get a case number and a follow up because I need to get New Years Booked.

      I suggest everyone check to ensure the PowerUps can be used on dates open that are really open on the calendar and need filling.

      Very disheartening.

      Please reach out if you need my properties #.

      Thank you










          u0999 Premier Contributor

          I do not think they ever worked (as in produced any effect). It is just another gimmick.

            calicalling Active Contributor

            Same here. Met with them at Summit, followed up afterward via email. Still haven't gotten a response. ;-(

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                bonesxxx Active Contributor

                LoL... in my market I can spend a gazillion power up points to move up 7 positions.  YaY me!!!!


                And no amount of points puts me above the 66th position.  I am drunk with power.

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                    calicalling Active Contributor

                    I have not seen boost help me a ton, either.


                    But in the boost session at the Summit, the strategies given to maximize results are *not* they way I've been using it (I had been following accepted wisdom on the Community, which apparently isn't what staff suggests...). So I wanted to be able to test the suggestions to see if I had a different result by following the staff suggestions. Can't. Cause it ain't working.

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                        bonesxxx Active Contributor

                        What did staff tell you to do? Or is that a state secret?

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                          margaret CommunityAmbassador

                          calicalling I'd also be interested in the strategy they recommended

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                            ohst8er Premier Contributor

                            I'm curious too.  Here's MY experience on boost:


                            I've been a good little VRBO soldier.

                            Almost ALL of my bookings have been on VRBO, and as such, I've been rewarded by a bazillion points.

                            I spent all bazillion, boosting up weeks that don't normally get bookings, and a few that DO normally get bookings. 

                            VRBO tells me that I've had exactly TWO bookings that were the result of boost.  One booking was 5 days in November, that may or may not have booked on their own.  I know this because a)November is historically dead, and b)IF any dates book at all they are always over Thanksgiving.  The 5 day booking?  Over this (Thanksgiving week).

                            The second set of dates were over April.  We run 85-95% occupancy in April. 


                            I surmise that I got close to zero for my bazillion points.

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                                bonesxxx Active Contributor

                                One quirk you may have noticed is that there is a tipping point beyond which the points you apply have no impact.

                                In other words, you can spend the max points to get the same results as you get spending 263 points. I usually set the slider to MAX and then slide it as far the left as I can while maintaining the same search boost. It’s normally around 25% of the maximum.

                                Oddly but not surprisingly the platform will happily allow me to spend all my boost points on the same boost I can get for 263... you’d think they’d look out for us better than that... but you’d be wrong.

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                          hmmmm Senior Contributor

                          This happens to me too

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                            treeguy Contributor

                            My experience has been that boost is a figment of the imagination...

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                                casitacynthiasantafe Contributor

                                I feel that Boost has really helped me. My market is relatively small, about 1450 properties, and my "market rank" has hovered around 82 for the past 5 months or so. (Previously it was stalled at 420, and nothing I did seemed to make any difference, and then, all of a sudden, without any changes on my end, it shot up. Pre-Expedia, I was usually in the first five results of any search.)


                                I've applied a lot of Power Ups, and my search position for all of 2020 is now in the range of 1-5, 16-20, or 32-40 for most weeks of the year. I do feel like I have gotten more bookings because of Boost. In fact, it is the one new gimmick thrown out since the Expedia acquisition that I find useful. However, I find how it works to be very mysterious. Right now I have 20 Power Ups, and I can't seem to apply them anywhere, but sometimes 16 will move my position up.


                                I recently received a survey on Boost, and filled it out. In my experience, those surveys are harbingers of changes for the worse....