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    Anyone else on advance payments and NOT getting paid?

    vbauer62 New Member

      Hi there, I am on advance payments and I had 4 booking in one day.  2 of which for some reason I saw will not be dispersed until 24 hours after the guest checks in.  When I signed up for the HA payment processing I was told it will be the same as Yapstone.  3% and my money will arrived in a few days after the guest makes payment. I am on Advance Payments (please do not mistake that.  I have verified that part).  At the beginning of this transition I had NO bookings for 2 months.  Once I called and raised a fuss I got 4 bookings in 1 day.  2 of which are NOT advanced payout and I will be paid 24 hours after the guest checks in.  One of those booking happened this past weekend.  The guest arrived Saturday Nov 23rd.  The dispersment according to what I read on the guests payout summary was supposed to be November 24th.  I called two weeks ago to complain on deaf ears.  One email I got said "the dispersment is in 2 days does it really matter now?" Are you kidding me?  This million or billion dollar company now has our money as is earning interest on our funds and our tax dollars we are still required to remit or at least we need to check on that VRBO did remit them.   We are still required to fill out and send the quarterly tax statements.  This seems wrong to me.  I am the owner of my business, I pay my bills.  When I do not receive funds in a resonable amount of time I still have to pay my bills.  VRBO has held on to this particular guests money and today is November 25th and I still do not have evidence of the payout.  My guest arrived Saturday and has been there over 36 hours.  How on earth am I to run a business with no funds?  I still have 4 reservations on the old Yapstone and will not get paid till the first of the year on those.  I feel blindsided, lied to and now how on earth can I get my money from HA? My calls fall on deaf ears, my emails fall on deaf ears.  The customer service sucks and last I checked I'm the customer.  VRBO would not have a platform if it wasn't for all the homeowners renting their vacation homes.  When told a guest that booked last August who questioned me why I set up "1 payment".  When she heard I wouldn't be paid until after she checked in she was appalled!  Get a grip VRBO!  Anyone else have this issue?  I need help because I am out of patience with VRBO!  I'm a mom, not VACASA or EVOLVE.  I have no reserve funds like a big box.  This system will be putting me out of business before my guests check in! :-) LOL!!!! HELP!!!!!

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          No bank disburses or receives money on a weekend or banking holiday.  Those rules haven't been repealed by Vrbo or anyone else. 


          So today would be the first business day after guest arrives and the first day that a disbursement might happen.  Expect an email by about 7 pm Eastern today.

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            vbauer62 New Member

            I understand but I have a guest who checked in Wednesday left today and I was supposed to get paid 11/28/19. It's Thanksgiving I get it......like you said banks are closed.  The date miraculously changed and said dispersant will be 11/29/19 (Friday and banks were open).  That day came and went then the date changed to 11/30/19 (Saturday banks are not open). Today I checked and the date again changed to 12/1/19 (Sunday banks are closed) I guarentee tomorrow 12/1/19 the date will again change.  Again, my guests paid 8/30/19.  90 days ago and I'm on advanced payments.  Please do the math my dear moderate......that is clearly 83 days late and now my guests have left and I still do not have my money!  Please be transparent and fix this issue.  VRBO has no right to keep changing my dates and hold on to my money!!!.....they say they cannot change (desend) but they surly can change dates to (extend).  This is not right and unethical!!!!

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                margaret CommunityAmbassador

                vbauer62  Was the payment processed by Yapstone or through the new HA processor? If you have advance/early payment you should have received payment in early Sept.
                The new HA processor releases advance/early payments 5-7 days after the guest makes payment, it should clear in your bank within a few days after it is released.
                Yapstone began charging an additional 3% for advanced payment, I believe that started in August, those who didn't agree to pay 6% processing were switched to check in payments.

                If your payment is not released tomorrow, I would suggest you call CS and ask to have this escalated. Be sure to get a ticket # so that you can follow up.