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    VRBO Management Contact

    nvanders Contributor

      I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with some contact information from Homeway/VRBO that would get me above and beyond their customer service staff and supervisors and billing team?


      We (along with numerous others I'm sure) are experiencing some of the most trouble we have had in almost 7 years with VRBO and can not seem to get a straightforward answer out of any of them; or hold anyone accountable for their words.


      Long story short, with all the recent changes in CO regarding taxes in conjunction their new payment system we have had our listings converted to advanced pay. However we've been experiencing the following for the last month and a half and all I keep hearing is escalation to a billing team that wont communicate or fix the problems; which are as follows:

      • Being charged more than 3% on their credit card processing fee (ranges from 3.2-3.5%)
      • listing converted back to check in pay for some but not other reservations in random order
      • guests have already completed their stay and reviewed the property and we still cant get paid
      • Told I'll have a response in 24-48 hours or 5 business days more times than I care to count
      • told I was dumb and stupid by their customer reps
      • Closed cases by their supervisors that solved nothing only to be reopened and escalated again


      Hopefully no one else is experienceing these issues but my gut tells me otherwise. Really just wish they would communicate honestly. I appreciate any and all feed back as Im desperately trying to get my life back after spending countless hours on the phone walking their reps through basic math calculation and investigatory work. Have a blessed day everyone and happy renting!