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    Is there going to be a 30 day delay on the very first advance payment?

    floridagirl19 Contributor

      I know that when I first signed up for payments with VRBO they made me wait 30 days to receive payment because I was a new account.


      I have been with VRBO since 2013 so I really do hope I don't have to do this AGAIN just because of the new payment processor.


      Even once I am notified that I now qualify for advance payments (whenever that will be) I will not open up my calendar from 6 months to 24 months until I actually SEE the "advance" payment arrive in my bank account within 5-7 days after booking.


      If there is going to be a waiting period of 30 days for the first payment - it will probably not be until February 2020 when I open up my calendar longer than 6 months....


      Can anyone tell me if this is how it is going to work or will we have no delay in the first payment - since I and many others have a long payment history with VRBO.