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    Allow Christmas day arrival for min 5 nights? - Shortens my ability to potentially book preceding days

    rjstroebel Contributor

      Hello all,


      I've been managing my 2 rentals about 7 years now but this is the first time a traveler wants to arrive on xmas day which makes arriving in preceding days not attractive and having to depart on xmas day. (for our standard mn 5 day rental rqmt)


      I received a booking rqst arriving Dec 25 departing Dec 30. ( our min 5 night stay during xmas period) Normally receive 7 nights.

      I would appreciate hearing from those that have experienced this and how you decided to go and why.


      Our booking calendar for Xmas season is Dec 19- Jan 4th min 5 nights. So far, no bookings that period but we always fill up later.




      I received a booking rqst for arrival on Dec 25 departing on Dec 30. 5 nights.

      ( I should have configured avail days to check in but neglected to.) Wont make that mistake again.!



      Normally, we book 7 night stays during these dates ( Dec 19-Jan 4th) and book at least 75-80% of these dates.

      If I accept this booking, I will very likely not have any booking for the days between Dec 19 and Dec 24th as most people searching here in Coastal San Diego book for 7 nights.


      I reached out to traveler and asked if he can be flexible on arriving 1-2 days earlier, he responded "No, our airline tickets are already purchased" ( Buying airline tickets BEFORE securing a rental home during xmas season seems BOLD...


      I have 8 hours to decide to accept of I'll change the res date so it flips it out of my decision back to his and stops my clock.


      Currently, for those dates (Dec 25-30) I show only 3 similar properties avail with the cheapest being $59.00 more per night than mine and the remaining 2 avail properties $350\$500 night more.


      For Dec 19-25 I show (12) similar properties avail with my property being 2nd in terms of lowest to highest pricing.


      Appreciate opinions,