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    Anyone else seen this VICE article about Air BnB?

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          yes. been days ago

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            Well I had not seen this article so thanks for sharing it.


            If these companies like Airbnb and Verboh don't guarantee TRUST in guests they will go out of business.  Perhaps Airbnb should be more focused on these SCAM HOSTS than imaginary "party houses" if they want to instill trust in their guests. Sounds like Airbnb did not handle this situation correctly - as much as they seem to so often take the side of the guests - in this situation the guest really got screwed.  Do they think this guest is ever going to use Airbnb again?  How many people will read the story and also be worried to book a place on Airbnb?


            I have always thought it was a good idea for these third party booking places to find some way to VERIFY a host like a Michelin rating does where they pay people to go to restaurants and review them in secret. Seems it is now necessary to do this with vacation rentals and IMHO it's way overdue. I can't tell you how many VRs in my own area I have seen that used photoshopped images - actually photoshopping things onto the kitchen counter that were not really there - photoshopping decor etc and photoshopping the outside appearance. When I would drive by the location - the house looked nothing like the photo on the listing. These should be weeded out or forced to be more truthful or given a rating from the hosting company that would inspire them to stop lying about their property in their listing.  I for one am tired of having to compete with imaginary listings that screw the guest - you can see it in their reviews - that the house was not like the photos. Yet many of these are STILL Premier Partners even with less than 4 star reviews clearly stating that the house is run down and things are in disrepair.


            All vacation rental listing companies need to pay attention and find a way to validate listings or they will facilitate the death of the short term rental market and we ALL will lose....