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    can one object be in two different places at the same time? (aka geo location .. again!)

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      That would defy laws of conventional physics. But happens in vrbo-land routinely.


      It used to be that owner could define what "advertisement market" to use - especially valuable for those of us with low population density unincorporated locations. example: my properties are in unincorporated Sevier County TN (postal address reads Sevierville), but they are much closer to Gatlinburg (2 mi form town limits) town than to Sevierville county seat (11+ miles) .

      In comes vrbo with its changes, INSISTING that property MUST be listed at it's real address.. then proceeds to put one of my properties into wrong township ( Pittman Center -NOT where my official address is). Saga continues for over a year, bookings tank for my property listed in a wrong (unknown by tourists) township... Erinn tries to follow up, kudos to her, but all in all it took a year for property to recover and start booking again. 


      Fast forward to today.  I notice that all 3 of my properties show up in Pigeon Forge. Pigeon Forge is nice, I guess better Pigeon Forge than Timbuktu, warmer, but still, if you want to list me in another location, why not Gatlinburg where I always advertise??? That would be way too logical, so no.


      But wait, there is more. Look at below screen shot. My property 629999 is show as Sevierville and Pigeon Forge IN THE SAME SCREEN.

      Poor guests must be confused.



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          floridagirl19 Contributor

          I have similar problem - VRBO insists on classifying my properties in a neighborhood that only exists in the minds of Google Maps - nobody in real life knows what this "neighborhood" designation even is. All five of my houses are part of a community with a voluntary HOA - it is a thing and they should be listed as part of that neighborhood. Even more - my properties are within 5 miles of the main town so it makes more sense to consider all of us as part of that town because that is what people come to visit - not the small neighborhoods.


          VRBO used to classify a property by postal zip code designations - so for example a particular major town might have 20 zip codes associated with that major town and properties in those zip codes are the ONLY ones who are presented to the guest when they search for that city name.


          Right now - VRBO added like 10 times the competition in towns 10-20 miles from the main town that is the attraction when guests choose that location.  Guests do not want to stay 20 miles from their target location.  They essentially DILUTED my market by flooding it with garbage rentals nowhere near the target location.  Guests have to be very savvy to figure out how to narrow down to what they REALLY were looking for.  Once VRBO started flooding my market and everyone's market with locations not related to the search, my bookings went WAY down.


          Fortunately I do not depend totally on VRBO bookings and that is looking more and more like a good thing