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    payments for properties in europe

    surgerygalore Contributor

      Ladies & Gents, greetings and salutations


      Does anyone have any idea or has been exposed to payments and payments options for properties in FR and Italy?


      Option question, purely rhetorical: there are no options, it is only HolidayRentPayment, seemingly a subsidiary of Yapstone, HQ in Ireland, near Alfabet/google (being fictitious re.: the near-to part)


      Payment plans, no options there, now or ever, they initiate payment within 4-5 business days after occupancy began - if you have a two payment options, you might get the second payment before the first, you may or may not get a confirmation e-mail.  CC fees as mysterious and more volatile and labile de facto than what i read on the threads in this site.


      Any pearl or experience to share?


      Have a good wk