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    Is this allowed?

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          bonesxxx Active Contributor

          Seems like anything goes now-a-days... just be different, add value, market well, and win.


          Nobody who is in this for the right reasons wants the Dollar Store crowd anyway... let Bozos like this scoop them all up like Jupiter sweeps our solar system and be grateful for it :-)


          That's what I do.  I have a moron competitor who charges way too low and doesn't charge more for weekends than weekdays, etc, etc, etc,  and he is ALWAYS booked solid.  I say "THANKS, Now your listing doesn't show and mine does -- and you're stuck with the budget crowd... I'll skim off the cream for myself."*


          *I am sooooooo tempted to set him straight that I have to fight the urge with every fiber of my body... it's better for me that he keeps making these mistakes.

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            wildiris Active Contributor

            If you look at the filters on Vrbo, there'a s filter for "hotel" and a filter for "Bed and breakfast."  HomeAway wants as many revenue sources as possible.

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                margaret CommunityAmbassador

                I suppose the ABB shared space crowd could select bed & breakfast but certainly not hotel. The people I have seen post are renting a bedroom in their home or apartment. Often they do not even own the apartment but are tenants themselves. I have mentioned that shared spaces are not allowed on HA/Vrbo and have been told that there have not been any objections to their listings by HA/Vrbo.

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                timthek Active Contributor

                property managers get to play by a different set of rules....