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    Damage Deposit Refund for reservation HA-XXAABB sent to John Doe: Oct 21 through 29 - Does everyone get this annoying email?

    bethyk Contributor

      I get an email just like this every time I have a guest check out...ON the day of checkout...BEFORE our guest

      has even departed.  Actually, the email is sent at 2:00 am the day of departure.

      Does everyone get this email, or is there a way to opt out of it?


      I have called Customer Service about it a couple of times and they just tell me it's an automated email and nothing

      can be done about it.


      It kind of gives me a scare every time because it says that the damage deposit refund "SENT" to my guest, when I know

      our guest hasn't even checked out yet and we have no knowledge of any possible damage.


      Suggestion to VRBO...This would be more helpful if sent at least ONE day AFTER check out and please rephrase the title

      of the email to say something like "Reminder - Damage Deposit Refund Due in 10 days".


      You can probably tell by my frustration, that I just got this email again this morning. : (