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    Payments to Owners - I am confused

    lindaburb New Member

      I have had several messages about the change in payment methods.  There is no way I wanted to wait to be paid till guests check in so I opted in to the Yapstone advanced payments which includes paying a 3% fee per payment. 


      However, I am still confused.  I thought this was settled but every time I log into to the VRBO website, I get a box appear that tells me that I must tick one of two boxes before Nov 1st or my listing will disappear from view.  These two boxes are: "Homeaway Account Fee Collecting Agreement" or "Third Party Services Provider Terms and Conditions." 


      Maybe I am being silly, but I am not sure which to tick.  I assume it's the second one but since the name of the payment provider is not listed, I need to make sure.  And since November 1st is around the corner, I need to ensure I do this soon. 


      I tried calling VRBO a few times but they always have incredibly long waiting times to get through to an agent which, in itself, is really unacceptable. 


      Any answers to clarify what I should do will be more than welcome!




      Linda Burbridge

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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          lindaburb   You have to check both boxes then enter you banking information and complete the W9. Yapstone will soon no longer be an option for payment processing. Any bookings you have already taken through Yapstone will stay with Yapstone until they are paid in full. All new bookings taken after you submit your bank information and W9 will be through the new payment processing system. There is not a choice between Yapstone and the new system, if you want to continue listing on the site you must switch to the new processor. You may get payment after check in or you may get "early payments" which means payment will be released to you 7 days after the guests makes payment, it may take a little longer to hit your account depending on how long your bank takes to clear the deposit.