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    Link to "Other Properties Managed by this Owner" with Photo is Back?

    scowol Active Contributor

      I have two properties and just received a booking for property Y.  The guests wrote in the comments that property X was their first choice, but it was booked.  I was baffled by how they found it.  Sure enough, both of my listings now have a prominent photo and clickable link to the other property with a heading "Other Properties Managed by this Owner."


      I had no idea that this feature was reintroduced, so I'm late to the game if so. Or I hope it's not an A/B test.   I recalled that owners were trying to do sloppy workarounds due to this previously lacking feature:  what harm was there in showing links to other properies by same owner on the platform?


      So hooray!  Mods... please pass along the appreciation.  If this is an A/B test, it worked and resulted in a booking that I would have otherwise likely not have gotten as there are 5,000 listings in my Vrbo marketplace.


      P.S.  Now only if my actual Owner human picture can be restored.  That A/B test shows me as a house.