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    !!! GREAT News for Those who Either don't Have STR Insurance OR Those Who Do via CBiz or Proper !!!

    bonesxxx Active Contributor

      Great news fellow owners.


      I just returned from my annual check-up with my State Farm agent (who is awesome).  I started the meeting by telling him it was a wasted exercise because he already has all my business.  I was shocked when he said, "Not the cabin.".


      "Tell me more" I say.


      Beginning November 1, 2019, State Farm has a STR policy rider for seasonal/second homes (specifically for ABB/Vrbo, etc).  That's right!!!


      But, wait, there's more:


      He ran my quote and I now have TWICE the coverage, HALF the deductible, AND my premium is $700 Less than it was with CBiz.


      Best news I've received all day   I sleep better at night knowing I am covered by State Farm AND more of my hard earned $$$ is staying in my pockets.  YaY me!