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    Costa Rica- New short term regulations Law- Death nail to CR STR

    captmarkhd Senior Contributor

      So thanks to a big part of the hotel industry, Costa Rica has just past a new law that will be the death nail of the Short term rentals in the country. Its not the fact that taxes have to be collected, all VRs should be doing that. The issue is that this law is treating a VR JUST LIKE a hotel including requiring all to be wheel chair/handicapped accessible. Now all of that is doable for a VR owner, it’s just complicated and it’s going to cost a lot of money to revamp for handicap accessibility, those are not the nails. The nail is trying to put the square peg of a VR into the round hole of a hotel when dealing with the CR government bureaucracy. You cannot register for the new VAT that just came into affect without a business lic and because you have to lic your VR as a hotel and the majority of VRs are in residential zoneing areas you will not be able to obtain a lic so you cant register. There is government bureaucracy in every country but nothing like It is in Costa Rica. What’s really sad is how it’s going to destroy the livelihood of all of the small, local mom and pop VR operations AND all of the people that support this industry in CR. I would love to know what the Vrbo public relations department is trying to do about this. https://crtn.cr/new-bill-tightens-short-term-rental-regulations/