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    Thank You, Owners

    mapleine New Member

      Fellow Owners,

      I don't expect to be on this platform much longer as my listings run out after the new year (yes, I've deleted my cc info and am not on auto renew) and I'm not changing to their new payment system by the deadline of 11/1 they've given me so I'm not sure what happens after that date. It's slow season and I don't expect to get much, if any, activity anyway so my opportunity cost is lower than giving them all my personal info at this point.

      I just want to post a huge THANK YOU to all of the owners who have shared their wisdom and insights in this community forum over the last 9 years. I personally and purposefully have not posted much. I am sorry for not contributing more but alas have saved you from many a rant!

      Personally I have held on too long - I encourage you to take a look at your numbers and your desired lifestyle and ask yourself some hard questions about renting short term to travelers. Are your needs being met? Is the ROI there? Would you rather be doing something else?

      My needs aren't being met, the ROI isn't there, and I'd rather be doing something else!

      Best to you all - thank you for sharing your homes!