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    HomeAway permanently removing Refund button - Moderators please confirm this info

    hmmmm Senior Contributor

      Ok here is the scoop for this issue,


      I spoke with a 4th now, CS rep and this one stated, it is the policy for VRBO platform now to remove the refund button.

      That once the payment is disbursed you can no longer refund anything via the platform payment processor.


      So you will have to refund from another source....
      This is not a good policy, it creates more worry from the vacationer.  They want to see it come from the same source they paid.


      So in theory a vacationer could do a charge back at the same time you are sending them money from another source.

      Slippery slope

      No refunds can be done by the owners on the platform, they have be done outside the platform.


      So, if you want to refund any money to your vacationer, it has to be done off the platform???????


      Does that sound correct to anyone else or make any sense?????


      There was no update at all about this change.





      *** I want to add that I should have the ability to refund anytime I want for any reason I deem so.
      This is crazy