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    VRBO/Homeaway please fix Colorado taxes

    gblankebhf New Member

      VRBO/Homeaway, please fix the tax issue for Colorado.  I understand that you are paying Colorado taxes and I appreciate that but there is also a local tax (Breckenridge) that needs to be charged to the customer.  You have resolved this issue in other states, which tells me that you have all of the coding mapped out and algorithms figured out so please fix it in Colorado.  I am losing rentals because I'm telling the guest that they need to pay an extra charge (local tax) after the fact and it's affecting my rentals.  If you have resolved this issue for other states, you should be able to resolve it for Colorado.  The ski season is quickly approaching and the majority of owner's income comes from December - April, so the sooner you can resolve this issue the happier your owners will be in Colorado.  Please, Please get this resolved!

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          puttermac10 Contributor

          I have had the same issue they are collecting for Utah but not for a local sale tax. When I have to tell renters that there's an additional fee they will need to pay and it was recommended by VRBO they paid me through PayPal they are so confused. VRBO does not have a percent fee that I can I had only a flat fee and nothing named tax it would look like I was collecting a extra person fee or something confusing.  We need the flexibility to add a percent and personally type in the percent and the name like we used to in the cat box but under the 50 section and I'm at a tax. There is a solution and something I can fit everyone but I have lost three minutes in the past week because of the specific issue.