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    Suggestion for HA to also publish articles on how to owners can promote a good image for our industry

    scowol Active Contributor

      I was perusing the right pane of this forum and was a bit surprised to see the article on how to prepare your VR for "large groups."  How to prepare your home for large groups


      This forum and the news are rife with topics of VR bans, and there's dozens and dozens of posts on here about owners dealing with over-occupancy issues.   Many owners are losing their dream properties as more and more jurisdictions are introducing bills to limit or ban VRs due to neighborhood complaints of noise, large groups, partying, etc.  IMO, this type of  article advising owners how to prepare their VR for a large group might support a perception that the industry is ignoring the concerns of party houses in neighborhoods.


      So I would just suggest to balance the article with how owners can promote a good image for the VR industry, tips on how to guide guests on how to be a good neighbor, etc.


      Just my two cents. Thanks!