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    Would someone please explain?

    koko Active Contributor

      So maybe I don't get it.

      I signed up with HA payments and was told I was on preferred payments, meaning ...................................what?

      Since then I get paid with regularity about 4 days after people check out!

      So everyone and under each circumstance will be paid on the day after guests check in and therefore has to render services without getting paid long after the fact?

      I am having a bookkeeping nightmare which will not end.

      Please, someone enlighten me!

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          scowol Active Contributor

          Is this related to your other posting on the same topic, or different?  Is the current payment schedule sustainable?

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              koko Active Contributor

              Different in the sense that NO ONE of the moderators explained the new policies exactly.

              The other thread clearly established it is not sustainable as it is but I think we as owners are owed an explanation of what exactly the payment times and terms will be and what is called what.

              If you are clear about that please explain, I would be grateful.

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                  bonesxxx Active Contributor

                  My brain hurts too much to go back through the numerous threads but wasn't there a 60 day wait before preferred or advance payments kick in for those who get them?


                  As I recall, people (including me) were blocking off their calendars for Sept and Oct to avoid getting guest who book last minute and we don't get paid until well after their departure... it all had to do with the (poorly explained) 60 day waiting period.


                  Mayaps you'll start seeing payment on booking (+/- 7 days) starting in November.