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    Want to improve? here is a suggestion... show owners if the traveler is a "frequent canceler"

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      The behavior when a traveler books someone's property for months, holds it up until free cancellation date and then cancels (because they are unsure or kept shopping around or whatever else) is becoming more prevalent, encouraged by the likes of booking dot com. Cancellations cost money, whether directly (unable to rebook) or indirectly (time spent handling booking that later cancels).  If HA does not want owners to choose "no cancellation" policy to combat now-frequent cancellations, then maybe HA should provide basic stat on the potential guests, such as " 3 prior bookings, 2 cancellations". And oh yea, show that info BEFORE booking.. along with prior reviews and ratings.


      even with 60 day cancellation policy a property that was "held" hostage by a traveler up to 60 days cancellation mark and then canceled may not rebook. I had 2 of such situations this year with my larger property.


      I am not very hopeful that HA will do this, but this would go a long way to instill confidence that calling owners "partners" is not just lip service, but that Ha truly treats us like partners. 

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          bonesxxx Active Contributor

          Chiming in only to offer support (great idea).


          Two things I'll add... one opinion and one fact:


          Opinion first,... start by bringing back our ability to see previous reviews (then add the prior cancellation metric)


          And then the fact... I tried Booking.com.  I got 3 quick reservations waaaaay out there in advance.  2 stuck and 1 cancelled (for a key fall foliage weekend).  Then I cancelled my BDC account.  I won't do business with a site that allows (or in the case of BDC promotes) easy cancellations.  As has been said here before, we are not hotels and don't get re-booked through the grace of business travellers, wedding revelers, reunion participants, funeral attendees, etc... homestays are destination vacations.  BDC can kiss my hairless white backside (and so can any other OTR who becomes too traveller-centric)

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            hmmmm Senior Contributor

            I really would find it useful to be able for me to see the reviews on the vacationer.

            And if they were a frequent canceler.

            I had a group, that told me after the fact that they just use a new person to book if they are given a bad review.....ugh

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              db.meyer Senior Contributor

              Require 100% payment upfront with no cancellation/refunds instead. No more cancellations that way as you are describing.

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                johnz Contributor

                A PM in my area had the free cancellation policy. This PM also uses an automated pricing tool. For unbooked summer weeks, the pricing tool kept lowering the rates. The people that rented via the PM realized this, so they cancelled one property and booked another property, in the same resort, for much less, in some cases saving $1k-$2k. The renters were smart, in my opinion. If you can cancel without penalty and book a comparable place (ie in the same building) for much less, you have NOTHING to lose. The owners of the properties saw their revenues go down by a minimum of 20% with the same number of nights booked. Once a cancellation occurred, the automated pricing tool relisted the property for a absurdly low rate, in the hopes that it would be booked again. I wouldn't be surprised if some renters cancelled a booking and booked the same place the next day or a couple of days later for a much cheaper rate.I noticed after this summer, this PM switched to no refunds!


                If hurricane Dorian didn't come through my area, I would have had a record revenues for this year. I had to refund a couple of bookings due to the mandatory evacuations. Thanks to my no refund cancellation policy, I wasn't exposed to this cancellation scheme from the renters.


                Recently, I had an inquiry for a summer 2020 week. They ended up booking another condo in my building because they offered free cancellations. They told me 'this gives us the option to cancel 1 month before their stay if they decide to go someone else'. I had a huge smile on my face knowing that I had dodged a bullet by having a no refund cancellation policy on VRBO!


                And this is why I will always have no cancellations and will never use an automated pricing tool.