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    Instant booking house full - but they want me to accommodate kids on floors

    hickmanhideaway Contributor

      So we accept 8 persons. 6 at the listed amount and $10 per night per person for the 7th and 8th.


      Just got an instant booking for New Years. 8 adults. And in the comments they say:


      "We would love to rent your place for our family gathering if you would be willing to accommodate a few more kids sleeping on the floor. Let us know if that works for you. Thank you!"


      And they instant booked. I suppose thinking I'd say yes if they did so. But how many more people? State rules are 2 adults per sleeping room, plus 2 more people. So I guess if they have 8 kids it still fits state rules? EXCEPT I could go to 10 people, total, but it could be 4 couples with 2 kids each. What the heck are people thinking?

      Do I have to have them cancel their instant booking so I don't get dinged?