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    banking information missing?

    mermaidforlife New Member

      Has anyone had this happen?

      Signed up for 'advanced payment' through HomeAway back at the end of August, when it was offered to me. After filling out banking and tax information, was approved. Received my first booking under HomeAway payments on Sept. 28. On Oct. 7, received the deposit statement from HomeAway. On Oct. 10, received a notice my banking information was incorrect, and my tax form had not been filled out. Went online and mysteriously, the banking and tax information had been removed, and I needed to enter the information again. Called CS, no explanation why the information was removed, and assured me disbursement was made, and I should receive my $$ in my account in another 5 to 7 business days. Making it 21 to 24 days post booking.

      Check your banking and tax information! Make sure HomeAway has not deleted it!

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          lalinda Contributor

          The same thing happened to me!


          I changed over to HA payments after the Yapstone debacle at the end of August. I was approved for the so called advanced payments. I even went to the trouble of making a dummy booking for myself to get a concrete answer on the payment timeline. (I booked a one night stay, paid for it, and was then paid by VRBO for it.)


          Since then, I have had ZERO inquiries and almost no page views. Absolute crickets, even for the competitive holiday season.


          I did a test this weekend to see how my property is showing up. The answer: dead last, even if I search by price. VRBO was showing me listings that cost four times as much as mine for the same dates before showing my listing.


          I tried live chat and also called customer service. Three representatives told me that I need to improve my listing and adjust my expectations blah blah blah clearly not listening or paying attention to the scenario. Finally I got on the phone with premier partner customer service and the man I spoke with told me the reason I wasn't showing up in searches is because I have no payment information on the account. All the bank info, gone, history of payments, gone, IRS form, gone. He said they've been getting a number of calls about this. I went through the entire process again and he said it could take up to 24 hours for the search position to readjust. I will recheck in 24 hours. Goodness knows how long my listing has been rock bottom and unseen.


          Check your payment info in your dashboard and run a test to look for your property as well!