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    Luggage, gift baskets and all that jazz...of "fluff"

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      Is it just me or lately a lot of HA posts in this forum have to do with "fluff"- asking if owners let guests leave luggage, or supply gift baskets, decorating ideas etc.


      My take on these that, with few exceptions (there are always some - niche markets/properties exist), these "suggestions" are either 1) not feasible b) do not add value while adding cost/work c) already implemented, d) may not be legal or appropriate in some markets (like food items) or e) do not play any role in (repeat) bookings.


      I really wish that HA focused on getting us more bookings rather than suggesting to let guests leave luggage or what should be in gift baskets ...

      This seems to be some sort of a trend when companies venture into other forays. I really wish banks focused on banking, grocery stores focused on stocking and selling groceries and produce, and booking sites focused on BOOKING. as in bringing quality leads that BOOK ... And let us owners handle the rest as it applies to our properties in our respective markets  and local laws/customs. Am I alone?

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          ha-moderator-daniel HomeAway Employee

          Hi u0999,


          We appreciate the feedback about our content. While you may feel that the content might not be relevant to your particular situation, we assess the demand from this audience to determine the content we publish. We aim to provide ideas and best practices for every level of property owner, from the brand new first timer to the owner with 30+ years in the business. If a particular piece of content is not to your liking we ask that you leave constructive criticism, particularly if it is not legal or appropriate for your market. We would love to hear what your suggestions are on topics related to increasing bookings.

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              twomoreyears Senior Contributor

              ha-moderator-daniel -

              I'd like the option of knowing where inquirers book even when the booked property is not in my competitive set.  Right now, I'm told if they didn't book anything (not terribly interesting to me - I don't chase them down to try and get them to book).  You also tell us if they booked a property in my competitive set.  But if they book something not in my competitive set, I hear nothing.  


              I realize this wouldn't be for everyone (some properties get a LOT of inquiries), and I'm not interested in the "looky-loos" that just window shop.  But I always wonder where the "We're really interested in your home for our spring vacation - can you tell me how long the walk is to the beach?" go.  Did they decide to go skiing or to a different Caribbean island, or to a competitor I didn't think of as a competitor?

              This would help me fine-tune my competitive set.

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              vrdoctor Senior Contributor

              The same reason that the band kept playing while the Titanic sank.  To calm people down so they accept their fate