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    Please help me to edit this review with some issues I'm unable to control!!

    maiha New Member

      Thanks in advance. just the same with everyone, upset, heartbroken and stress.  I understand that I should not respond from point to point.  However, some of these are beyond my control.


      Quick summary:


      2 wifi networks, ATT and Xfinity, with an internet booster. I believed they had multiple users: computers, phones, and TVs and tried to log on to some of the restricted sites.

      The house was built and completed in 2017. The Imelda tropical storm was passed through Galveston with heavy rain. A lot of mosquitos and bugs are around, we are in the coastal region with wetland and open ditches.

      Dune walkover was built with permission from the State or the Galveston Land Office. It must stop where the State allowed us. Storm with heavy rain, water was pooling around the walkover. It had happened once before, the developer had someone to pour sand into it.  Later, he was getting in trouble with a fine from the City and State. Because this is the protective dune, no one can touch without their permission. 

      Her review:


      "The home was beautiful, and the beds get a 10+, also Alexa was a nice touch and we thoroughly enjoyed the hot tub. For us to rent again the following items will need to be fixed. There were a few problems. First of all the internet did not work at all. Secondly, the bug issue was massive at night. It appears that the home is infested in the walls. They had left a large bottle of bug spray downstairs. The final problem was the walkover to the beach. Even though there is a walk over, it does not go past the dunes. There is no trail st the end of the walkover. It dead ended into a pool of water that had been there for weeks. The water smelled horrible and had algae and what looked like bacteria growing in it."

      My response:

      Dear V,
      Thank you so much for your feedback.  We are sincerely sorry that you had some issues during your stay. Because we care deeply about the experience of our guests’ stay and were surprised to read your review regarding your issues. Because you raved about how fabulous of the house. And these were your beautiful words you sent us through messaging," ...The house and accommodations is everything we had hoped for in a beach house."


      There are 2 wi-fi networks at the house, AT&T and Xfinity, with an internet booster.  Hearing you had the internet problem, we immediately responded and troubleshoot with you on the first day, you've said it was ok and except some of the websites which you were unable to log in.

      The Imelda tropical storm just passed through Galveston 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Bugs and mosquitoes are around. They fly inside once the doors open.  To minimize this issue,  we have the insect trap by DynaTrap and the bug & mosquitos spray out for our guests. 

      Upon hearing about the pool of water at the walkover, which was formed from the heavy rain of the storm,  we immediately notified and addressed the issue with the Public Water Work of City Galveston again.  Thank you so much for letting us know


      We sincerely regret that your experience fell short of that but hope that you will give us a chance to try again in the future.



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          bonesxxx Active Contributor

          scowol is the resident wordsmith so I would hold off until you get an edit from her.  I've openly plagiarized her stuff more than a half dozen times


          Until then, I think your response is a great start.  I would blame 98% of the issues on the tropical storm that passed through weeks before their stay so that future guests know that A) storms happen and B) it's not the property's (or your) fault.


          Remember that you are writing your response to FUTURE guests... not the one who just left the review.


          Good luck... their review is not as bad as you think it is... if I read it as a traveller, it would not put me off.  You are too emotionally close to it to see it objectively... we all are.

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            u0999 Premier Contributor

            Little too long IMO.


            here is a stab:


            We value guest feedback and we are disappointed to hear that this guests' stay was not ideal.

            There are 2 wi-fi networks at the house, AT&T and Xfinity, with an internet booster . We immediately responded to troubleshoot on the first day after which , guest indicated it was OK except some of the websites..

            Tropical storm Imelda passed through 2 weeks prior to guest's arrival, leaving a lot of standing water that created conditions for Bugs and mosquitoes. We try to  minimize those by using DynaTrap insect traps and supplying bug & mosquito spray for our guests. The same storm left  pool of water at the walkover. We immediately notified Public Water Works of City Galveston as it is under their purview. The dune access/walkover location is mandated by State or the Galveston Land Office.  


            We sincerely hope that you will give us a chance to try again in the future.

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              feibus Senior Contributor

              People who complain about bugs in tropical areas... I sooo want to tell them "they were here first, you're just visiting."


              Shorten it up a bit for each point.  I think you might have given too much detail.

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                ohst8er Premier Contributor

                maiha, this little tidbit cannot be stressed enough  >>>  your response has nothing, nothing, to do with the guest who has COME.AND.GONE.


                It has >>>EVERYTHING<<< to do with the guests who are to follow.


                Please read that again.


                Now... read what they wrote, and think about it from your future guest's perspective.  Because they are way LESS interested in what that guest said, and way MORE interested in how you respond.


                So let's break it down.  ARE your walls infested with insects?  If so, you have a problem.  If not, think of how you can ease your future guest's mind without throwing your previous guest under the bus (because remember, tomorrow's future guest is next week's past guest, who will ALSO be writing a review.)


                Tackle the walkover head on.  Don't avoid that one.  I don't know the answer, only you do.  I once had a guest mention the drive/parking to get to our beach.  That was easy, there is no need to drive/park to get to our beach.  Answer that one in a friendly tone.


                I can't rewrite your answer right now (dinner is almost on the table), but I would definitely start with a positive response.  Thank you for your kind words about our condo. something simple and to the point.  Then very thoughtfully address the bugs, the walkover, etc.   Rewrite it yourself, then shop that here if you need help. 

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                  scowol Active Contributor

                  As bonesxxx and ohst8er stated, reviews are for FUTURE travelers--not the guests who left.  Vrbo reviews is not a Facebook forum, so write your response to attract future guests.  Here's a quick stab:


                  Prior to our guest’s stay, Mother Nature was hard at work and Galveston was hit hard by tropical storm Imelda.  With this type of passing storm in the Gulf, the heavy rainwater brings about a sudden—yet temporaryinflux in the insect population to the entire region.  However, as a newer home built in 2017 with modern construction and design, there were—and are--no insects whatsoever in the walls of the home.  To keep out the occasional bug, we always remind our guests to not leave doors and windows open.   But should an occasional fly that may make its way in through an open door, we provide a can of bugspray for the convenience of our guests.  As our guest stated, the storm also caused some temporary pooling of water along the pathways of the dunes that affected all properties in the area.  While this was a temporary inconvenience for all the surrounding homes, the beach was still accessible.  The areas of pooling water have been re-graded by the City and the pathways are once again accessible for regular use.  For the added convenience of our guests, we provide two Wi-Fi networks and an Internet booster.  Or guests contacted us on the first day for assistance with the WiFi, and we were glad to help them get connected to their satisfaction.   While Mother Nature caused some temporary inconveniences, we are glad that our guests enjoyed the home and the extra amenities we offer.  We look forward to welcoming our future guests to our home!

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                    maiha New Member

                    bonesxxx  u0999 feibus ohst8er scowol


                    Thank you so much with all your help!  After posted my "screaming for help" above, I was so heartbroken and stressed.  I did not want to look at the computer anymore. I woke up this morning with all these wonderful and beautiful responses.  I am going to be bonesxxx , I will openly plagiarized all of the above.  It is so beautiful outside.  Thanks to all again for making my day.