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    Booking Lost, VRBO Fault, no longer accepting Discover Card

    kmcbhense Contributor

      We lost a nice booking yesterday, and I completely blame VRBO! With the new processing company, they no longer accept Discover card. WHY???? The guests went ahead and booked another home with a large management company instead. I know for a fact Discover doesn't charge much difference than Visa/Master Card, and certainly less than Amex. So why I ask?

      Another VRBO service that gets a 1 rating from me on a scale of 1 to 5

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          scowol Active Contributor

          I definitely sympathize that you lost a booking over this. That sucks.


          I can't speak on Vrbo's (Expedia) behalf but I suspect it boils down to economics and demand.  I know from my own experience for my own business, we don't take Discover because they charge a higher rate to the merchant.  Most Discover cardholders keep a Visa or MasterCard branded card and I've always had the client swap cards with no issue (Discover cardholders are used to it).


          So I can only surmise that Expedia/Vrbo has not (yet) found that the potentially extra cost to accept Discover is outweighing the actual lost bookings that they (we) may be incurring.  When/if that ratio flips, they will likely begin to take Discover...