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    How do I get Advance Pay Approval

    jamesramos New Member

      I leased our beach condo for the first time on Home Away and did not realize that my money is held till the client checks in.  I called HomeAway and Ellen whom I spoke with told me that someone was going to contact me - maybe - in the future to set up Advance Pay Approvals...all while I have been reading threads that so many folks are waiting and have heard the same news.


      To put in perspective, the lease starts in 5 weeks and for 48 days, and the cancellation window is clearly marked that client can not cancel in the 60 day window.  Also - did you know that Home Away charges the landlord for ALL credit card fee's processed, not equally weighted fee's for their take.  So here I am - I have leased my condo, paid 5% for rental fee on top of what the tenant pays, paid all the credit card fee's and Home Away has close to $12k sitting in their account of my money...till my client moves in...and then I will see the money??  The condo association charges $100 to process the application, which I guess I need to pay out of my pocket.


      Can someone please help offer some advice on how to get the funds released.