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    Why is my Headline all crammed up together?

    scooby Contributor

      Early today I decided to change my Headline.  I viewed the Vrbo page tonight, and found this: 

      Cabin W/creek Near Helen Water Park & Golfcovered Porchessunroomfree Wifi


      What??  Believe me, I do not type like that!  I've gone back in to Edit and re-typed, but it's still showing as above!  It's supposed to read "Cabin w/Creek Near Golf Resort, 3-Minute Drive to Town, Covered Porches, Sunroom".  I previously had the first part "near Helen Water Park & Golf", and now it's a mess.

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          linky17 Active Contributor

          I seem to recall that there's a 'cap' on the number of characters used?  But your new (+ improved/IMO) iteration doesn't seem to eclipse any crowded word count that I've seen in my area.


          Did you call CS?


          Not that you've asked, may I suggest something (?) along the lines of:  "Creekside Cabin: Calm + Airy, and 3-Minutes to Town."  Seems to me that folks will appreciate the "covered porches + sunroom" when they view your photos?  The proximity of golf when they view the map?  As well, your place sounds like it deserves a name.  The better, too, to find your website/FB page … if and when you have either.

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            susaninrehoboth Premier Contributor

            I'm glad linky17 replied with headline suggestions. Although I don't know how to solve your problem, please keep in mind  a headline & lead photo is to lure travelers to click your link. As suggested , deleted covered porch and sunroom. Free WiFi is a given nowadays. No need for that to be part of headline. No abbreviations such as W/. I'm iffy on including cabin because type of lodging is a filter option. Use an applicable adjective instead of cabin such as Serene.


            Serene cabin with creek near Helene Water Park and Golf. Add one more plus as it applies to your cabin.

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              ohst8er Premier Contributor

              They say we get 50 characters, however...Here's my heading:


              Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 8.01.34 AM.png


              Why so short?  Well, there's no reason to list things like 3 bedroom or free wifi or pool etc, because all those things fall right below the heading.  Redundant.  But more importantly, I didn't want my heading to read like my competitors, which look like this:


              Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 8.05.07 AM.png

              Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 8.04.46 AM.png

              Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 8.04.35 AM.png

              That's the view on Google Chrome and Safari.  You USED to get 50 characters displayed.  No longer. So, I shortened mine so I didn't have truncated headings.


              And while we are on the subject of headings, I hopped onto VRBO on my iPhone and the headings don't exist AT ALL any more, UNTIL you click on the listing.  Where's the dislike button for that?