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    Is the current payment schedule sustainable?

    koko Active Contributor

      Guests checked out yesterday, there is not a cent paid yet from HA. I am on advanced payments.I am PP.

      The guests brought a check for the DD

      Had these guests paid HA for their DD, they would be now waiting  for a refund?

      If DD is blocking an amount on a credit card then these amounts would still be blocked for how long? The same guests are going on to three more VRBO bookings. each with DD and at the end of their trip they have thousands blocked on their CC?
      This scenario is downright crazy and will not win anybody customers or guests.

      I myself as a customer to VRBO am asked to provide services in good faith when VRBO does not trust me with remitting fees correctly?

      For VRs with lots of 2 and 3 night rentals at this time of the year it is a bookkeeping nightmare and I am not sure that this can be sustained over a long period of time.

      I will have to turn off IB and with that I am sure drop to the bottom of the listing pages.

      More power to this business model.