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    Potential scam. Look out and mark as spam (updated)

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      Several of Smoky Mountains owners received inquiries this morning. all inquiries come from different "new" traveler American-sounding names, but from same email domain daftice.com (that is only recently registered). All inquiries specify ONE traveler. all inquiries are about SAME dates (Feb 19-26). ALL asking to "preapprove". Owners receiving these have different property sizes (hence, we think, 1 person specified - to be able to inuire on ALL possible properties. )



      UPDATE: looks like the scam is to get you to preapprove; they send a spoof  email to your personal email that would look like it came from vrbo to try to get you to click on the link.

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          wildiris Senior Contributor

          Thanks for the heads-up.  It's clearly a scam, but I'm trying to figure out how it works.  Most travelers wouldn't know about the "pre-approval" option that owners have on "Home and Away."   So, it seems like the scam has something to do with being pre-approved.  Does anyone have any thoughts about how the scam operates? 

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            bhandlin New Member

            Similar story, slightly different details:  Yesterday we received an Inquiry ‘looking forward to be pre-approved to book your lovely property for our annual get together. Thanks’.  As we have Instant Booking, seemed kinda odd to us so we responded asking if there was a particular reason, given our rules or person limit.  Radio silence. in looking at the overview info for Randy Y, we see a New Traveler, Member since 2020, with Unverified Email and Facebook and no phone number provided. And the email is ‘@nomeet.org’.  Which DOES NOT EXIST. Fishy, right?

            Then this am, received a new Inquiry for the same exact dates Sept-Oct ‘20, from a Morris G.  Same details; no phone number, unverified email and Facebook, new traveler. Also ‘very interested in booking your lovely property for a family retreat, no kids this time. Is your lovely place available for our dates? If it is, can you pre-approve our request or how does this work?’  And this time the email address is ‘@meettwo.net.  Which also does not exist.

            We just  googled domain lookup and was able to see that BOTH OF THESE DOMAINS WERE JUST PURCHASED ON JAN. 9, 2020.


            OWNERS BEWARE. If it seems fishy, look at the details.  Hope no one gets scammed by this.

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              hmmmm Senior Contributor

              Thank you for posting.