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    Have you used "mark as paid" or "cancel request (for payment)"?

    hawaiiparadise Contributor

      We just discovered clicking the "action" link shown below the payment amount under "Reservation Details" reveals a menu including options to mark the payment as paid and to cancel the payment request.   We called CS and got the explanation below.   Our questions are, if you are willing to share:


      - Have you used either or both of these?

      - If so, did it go as expected?  Any glitches?


      Here's the explanation we received from CS:


      - Use the "mark paid" selection when a guest makes a payment outside the system "for any reason".   The specific use case described as an example was a guest arriving without making the final payment, and paying cash on the spot.    


      - Use the "cancel request" selection when a payment amount needs to be amended.  The specific use case described as an example was the quote being wrong in the system and needing correction.  


      Thanks once again!

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          Yes, I've used the "cancel payment" regularly when guests add a night and I don't want to have them pay their last payment... and then ONE MORE payment after that. So I cancel the outstanding payment and create a new one.  Guest gets an email saying the cancelled payment was cancelled; they get another one immediately with the new payment request even if the request is due in 6 months, so I've learned to add some verbiage to the description to make sure the guest knows they'll be reminded again 2 weeks before the payment is due.


          Haven't done a "mark as paid", but assume it's similar in that the guest is no longer bugged about that payment.

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            koko Active Contributor

            I have used the mark as paid extensively since my payment terms were pay at check in and it worked every time without a problem.

            If you look at your payment overview you can see who paid how much when and if it is one of two or three payments. If someone brings cash or check you can mark this as paid and they will show as fully paid for VRBO and you.

            Now with the new  system you have to have at least 25% down payment. However, since the fee is taken right away from that you still could have the rest at check in or when you have guest arriving and checking out before VRBO even sends the first payment.