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    Different name shows up as owner for log in

    moosebigd Active Contributor

      The first time this happened, I thought it was a fluke.  But this is too strange to show up again!  To access the owners' page, you log in to the Vrbo website, where there is the pretty ocean picture and the boxes for you to select your destination, dates, and number of guests.  Trip Boards, Log In, Help, etc. is in the upper right corner of the page.  You click on Log In and you are prompted for either Traveler log in or Owner log in.  You click Owner log in and are taken to the page that says "Welcome Back".  You provide the necessary log in information and go on your merry way to take care of business. 


      However, I am guilty for sometimes leaving my Owners' page without logging out.  When I return to the website, in the space where you normally log in as owner, my name appears instead of the actual words "Log in".  This is all well and good.  It reminds me that I had apparently forgotten to log out again... I simply log out and re-log in. 


      BUT...  Several times now, someone else's name has shown up in place of my name as the owner.  Most recently it was VERONICA K...  Twice.  Before that it was some guy whose name I don't recall.  If I click on their names, I am prompted to continue on Facebook or Gmail and provide a password.  Of course I am never able to access anything, so I log "them" out.


      Any one else ever experience this?  Any ideas why this is happening?