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    Appliance back up

    euster2001 Contributor

      These forums have been so helpful I thought I would ask another question.

      I have had  a " Lemon" Refrigerator that the manufacturer ( GE) will not replace after multiple service calls due to the fact that the home is rented. It began having issues the first month, bins breaking, handles and gaskets falling off, icemaker not working etc. I did not know of this issue when I bought the appliance. Is there another manufacturer who stands by their product, or an approach to follow with this sort of thing?

      This unit was expensive. I am thinking of replacing it with a refurbished one with all of the kinks already worked out and cheaper to boot! I did take out an extended warranty but every time someone has to wait for the repair window .

      I am probably out of luck but any advice or recommendations are welcome.